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    Hey everyone!

    My name is Munachi. I am an aspiring Journalist. Writing is what I am passionate about. Bringing words together into something remarkable, is what I do anytime I have a pen in my hand. My blog is going to be foundational platform for the world to see my literary skills , as I try my best to update each and everyone of you with my works




    Poetry is my second voice. I compose poems not just for the fun of it, but also acknowledging a medium(writing) with which I can pen down what ever comes to my mind, in a soothing literal rhythm.


    Writing short stories comes very easy to me, because I tend to grasp my experiences, or environmental occurrences, thus having an urge to creatively pen them down, for a vital comprehension.


    I compose short scripted monologues, and this monologues are either sad, happy, confused, e.t.c.

  • My works

    Tales of AFRIDITE.

    An African concept

    Tales of AFRIDITE is a book that accentuates from a positive and factual percpective, that governs the idea of an African woman. It tells on the beauty, and endowed reality of an African woman. To read this book, please kindly click on the book cover, and don't forget to hit the like button. Enjoy!❣️

    Diary of an African Girl.

    Just a couple lines to remind us how remarkable an African girl is.❣️


    Grey is a book of short poems. This poems are emotions, and experience influenced poems, that speak more than they appear. To read, please click on the book's cover. Thank you!! Enjoy!!❣️


    Peace is a poem, that centers on the need for we humans to find that calmness within us, when we are dealing with our problems and personal issues.❣️

    Whatever it takes.

    Whatever it takes, is story about a spinster, who unconditionally finds the love of her life. Please click on the book cover to read. Thanks! ❣️

    Perfect flaws.

    This poem talks about the essence of our human flaws. Our flaws are what define us, we don't have to be ashamed of these flaws. We need to understand that nobody is deemed perfect, and we are prone to making numerous mistakes. As we learn from our mistakes and finding ourselves, without being pressured. Zoom into your screen, to read poem.❣️

    Visions of hope.

    This poem serves as reminder that we all have different walks in life. Slipping should not be a good option, instead we should put behind, all distractions and pay attention to ourselves❣️

    Truth uncovered

    This poem is about reasons, we should value our human uniqueness.❣️

    Monologue: Fragile

               I don’t even understand, I can't even understand, how will I even understand? When I don’t know my stand. Yes, I know he does not deserve me, but why am I still concerned though? Why does every thought of him make me feel even weaker? I walk down the hall way, and guess what?! He does not even glance at me. I cant think beyond him, I feel caged in this aura of sentiments, like how?!! How can I stress over someone who probably knows nothing about me. We haven't even said hi to each other, and It's really eating me because I want to have a word with him. What is wrong with me?! Am I just hallucinating? Or am I drowned in my own thoughts? No, I am not!! I my sure of my thoughts but am I lost? yes, I am! Hopefully I will get out from this pleasant torment at the moment.

    Monologue: Once upon a morning.


           Trust me! It was really early. I haven't even had my shower neither have I washed my mouth. It was super early! And getting a call from her was not a good idea. I mean! Why on this earth will she call me so early, just to ask for the wig she left in my house. Why! Why! Argh! So annoying! Interrupting my heavenly sleep, all because of a wig? Like who does that?! I think I need new friends, friends that understand how I love my morning sleep. What if I was having a conversation with Jesus in my dream, and all of a sudden someone just wakes me up. So annoying! I am really done with this girl... it sounds like I am exaggerating, but to be honest I need NEW FRIENDS🙂









    Thinking Thoughts.




    The Breakup.


    Ha! Ha! Ha! OMG! That was so funny! Like for real Jason, you are gonna make a great actor. Ha! Ha! Ha! nice, very nice! Ok back to reality, are you serious? Are you being frank about what you just said? Nah you are kidding right? Like are you high? Or are you sick? Can I call 911? I think I need to, because I don’t know how you think you can pop out of the blues, and end what we had going for 182.5 days, 4,380 hours, and 262,800 minutes. Then you wanna end it? Jason look at me! I am talking to you. Jason, I need you to look me in the eye and tell me it's over! (sweaty palms and cloudy eyes appear.) you know what, I am not even goanna cry, cause you ain't worth it Jason. I should have seen this coming, I really should. I wish you a happy life with whoever she is. But Jason, I need you to know that love? that affection? that attention? She ain't go'n give none of that to you, and she is never gonna love you like I did.


    Penful Piece.






    How are you.








    Short story.

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